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有關:療程 為提供更優質的療程體驗, 請勿穿連身帽/ 不能除帽的服裝, 請避免穿高衣領的服裝/ 長吊飾耳環 有關:染髮 為提供更優質的服務體驗 ‧染髮前一天晚上或者當天需要清洗頭髮, 不要使用護髮乳&髮尾油(否則影響當天染色效果) ‧預約當日請勿穿著高衣領/ 連身帽(不能除帽)/ 淺色 (可能弄污衣物) 的服裝/長吊飾耳環 有關:更改預約 ‧首次諮詢/療程預約只能更改1次, 需預約天計36小時前通知 ‧染髮預約只能更改1次, 需預約天計48小時前通知, 因物料屬天然成分配合手工製作需時, 我們需提前準備及前期處理, 如客人缺席 / 遲到, 物料將會報銷, 預約留位費將全數扣除不設任何退款或更改 ‧如臨時取消、遲到超過15分鐘、因任何理由缺席, 除出示當天有效的醫生証明, 否則將會扣除留位費不設退款或更改 ‧關於惡劣天氣安排, 當天文台於預約時段2小時前懸掛黑色暴雨警告、8號或以上風球, 預約可以安排更改 ‧如有任何爭議, 我們保留最終決定權 有關:留位費 所有服務只接受有留位費的預約, 預約首次諮詢$100/位, 預約療程$300/項, 即日預約/後補位置, 只適用於有留位費寄存的客人。恕不接受未有留位費的預約 有關:訪客須知及守則 請勿帶同寵物到訪(陪同視障人士之導盲犬除外) , 未滿18歲的兒童請確認有家長或監護人陪同必須保持秩序及安靜, 接待處等候區請勿進食, 訪客只接受於等候區等候 有關:療程房間使用 療程房間歡迎客人攜帶輕食或飲品享用, 請勿攜帶/進食氣味濃烈的食品影響其他客人, 離開房間時, 必須清理後方可離場, 否則會收取$500清潔費
感謝你的體諒, 以上措施能盡量減少客人輪候時間, 安排及分配預約服務, 讓你享有更優質的療程體驗

Appointment Instructions

About : Treatment To provide a better treatment experience, please avoid wearing hoodies/hats that cannot be removed/high-collar clothing/long hanging earrings About : Hair Colour Service In order to provide a better service experience • You need to wash your hair the night before or on the day of hair colouring, do not use hair conditioner & hair oil/cream (otherwise it will affect the dyeing effect on the day) •Please do not wear high collars / hoodies on the day of appointment (hat cannot be removed)/ light-colour (may stain clothing) clothing/ long hanging earrings About : Changing Appointment ‧Consultation/treatment appointment can only be changed once, and 36 hours notice is required for the day of appointment. ‧Hair Colour appointments can only be changed once, and 48 hours notice is required before the date of appointment. Because the materials are of natural ingredients and take time to make by hand, we need to prepare and process in advance. If customer is absent/late, the materials will be reimbursed and the appointment will be used, booking deposit will be fully deducted without any refund or change. ‧If canceled at short notice, late for more than 15 minutes, or absent for any reason, the reservation will be deemed to have been used. ‧If you are unable to attend, you must present a valid medical certificate with the appointment day, otherwise the reservation fee will be deducted and no refund or change will be made. ‧Regarding severe weather arrangements, when the observatory issues a black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No. 8 or above 2 hours before the reservation time, the reservation can be changed. ‧In case of any dispute, we reserve the right to make the final decision. About : Booking Deposit By appointment only with booking deposit. First consultation deposit $100/person, and Treatment Deposit $300/item. On-day booking/ waiting list reservations are only applicable to guests who have a booking deposit kept. About : Visitor Instructions and Rules Please do not bring pets (except guide dogs accompanying the visually impaired). Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by parents or guardian and please keep discipline and quiet. No eating allowed in the waiting area at the reception. Visitors are only accepted waiting in reception area. About : Treatment Room Use Guests are welcome to bring light snacks or drinks to enjoy inside of your treatment room. Please do not bring strong-smelling food that will disturb other guests. When leaving the room, you must clean it before leaving. Otherwise, a cleaning fee of $500 will be charged.
Thank you for your understanding. The above measures can minimise the waiting time for customers, arrange and allocate appointment services, and allow you to enjoy a better treatment experience.