NHRC Hair Pro (White/白)



「無添加」頭髮控油粉:輕如空氣,矜貴觸感,頭髮清爽控油。可以直接塗抹在頭髮上,吸收多餘的油脂分泌,保持頭髮蓬鬆清爽,可輕易清洗,不會殘留堵塞毛囊,每次使用後需要清洗頭髮。 除了使用控油產品外,還有其他方法可以幫助減少頭髮上的油脂,例如定期洗頭、避免過度使用護髮素或造型產品、選擇適合油性頭皮的護理產品。如果您的頭髮問題嚴重或持續困擾您,建議定期進行頭皮護理療程。 Natural "Add-free" Hair Oil Control Powder: Light-as-air for an ultra-sheer, flawless finish It can be applied directly to the hair to absorb excess oil secretion and keep the hair fluffy and fresh. It can be easily washed without residue and clogging the hair follicles. The hair needs to be washed after each use. In addition to using oil control products, there are other ways to help reduce oil in your hair, such as washing your hair regularly, avoiding overuse of conditioners or styling products, and choosing products that are suitable for oily scalps. If your hair problem is severe or continues to bother you, regular scalp care sessions are recommended.

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