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控油清爽洗頭水 Hair Freshness Shampoo

控油清爽洗頭水 Hair Freshness Shampoo



Hair Freshness Shampoo 「森林樹葉香氣」 適用: 配合清涼感覺,深層清潔頭皮,具有抗炎、調節油脂分泌,減少頭油問題,舒緩頭皮瘙癢、紅腫和頭瘡問題,減輕頭皮刺痛和不適感,鎮靜敏感頭皮,保持頭皮清爽乾淨。 特點: PCAZinc 抑制5-α還原酶來抑制油脂分泌,控制DHT轉化。 配合黃金比例天然植物萃成份,適用於油性頭皮及頭皮舒緩。 使用控油清爽洗頭水可以帶來以下好處: 1. 清潔頭皮:有效去除頭皮上的油脂、污垢和殘留物,具有天然植物香氣,清涼清新感覺。 2. 控制油脂分泌:含有調節油脂分泌的成分,減少油脂過度分泌的問題。 3.舒緩頭瘡、頭皮炎及頭皮痕癢。 4.減少頭髮沉重感:頭髮飄逸,頭皮清爽。 需要注意的是,每個人的頭皮狀況和油脂分泌都有所不同,因此使用控油清爽洗頭水應根據個人需要和頭皮狀況進行適當調整。配合療程達致最佳效果。如果你有脫髮問題或頭皮護理需求,歡迎諮詢自然療髮中心®的專業建議。 使用方法:將適量的洗髮露塗抹於濕髮上,清潔頭皮及髮絲,然後沖洗。再重複相同步驟,並輕輕按摩頭皮,泡沫待3~5分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。 Hair Freshness Shampoo 「Forest tree leaf aroma」 Suitable For:Combined with a cooling sensation, it deeply cleans the scalp. It has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates oil secretion, reduces oily problems, soothes scalp itching and redness, relieves scalp tingling and discomfort caused by scalp sores, calms sensitive scalps, and keeps the scalp fresh and clean. Features: PCA Zinc Inhibits 5-alpha reductase to inhibit oil secretion and control DHT conversion. Formulated with golden ratio of natural plant extracts, it is suitable for oily scalp and scalp soothing. The benefits of using Hair Freshness Shampoo: 1. Clean scalp: Effectively removes oil, dirt and residue on the scalp. It has a natural plant aroma and a cool and refreshing feeling. 2. Control oil secretion: Contains ingredients that regulate oil secretion and reduce the problem of excessive oil secretion. 3. Soothe sores, scalp inflammation and itchy scalp. 4. Reduces the heavy feeling of hair, refresh hair and scalp and enables breathing. It should be noted that everyone's scalp condition and oil secretion are different, so the use of oil-control refreshing shampoo should be appropriately adjusted according to personal needs and scalp condition. Cooperate with the treatment to achieve the best results. If you have hair loss problems or scalp care needs, welcome to seek professional advice from Natural Hair Recovery Center®. How to use: Apply appropriate amount of shampoo to wet hair, clean scalp and hair, then rinse. Repeat the same steps and massage your scalp gently, leave the foam on for 3 to 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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